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Scaler handpiece

  • L3 Led scaler handpiece
  • L3 Led scaler handpiece
  • L3 Led scaler handpiece
L3 Led scaler handpieceL3 Led scaler handpieceL3 Led scaler handpiece

L3 Led scaler handpiece

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Detachable. Autoclavable
  • No cracking.No yellowing.No deformation.Not hot.
  • CE Certificate
  • Product description: 15 patents.

L3 detachable aluminum alloy LED handpiece is the world's first invention in the field of scaler handpiece, which obtains 15 patents. Its advantages as following:

1. Better heat dispersion. Handpiece shell is made of aluminum alloy in order to solve thermal dissipation problem, and all radiation fins are made of aluminum alloy materials. The user feels hot when holding plastic handpiece mainly because plastic does not disperse heat well.

2. Aluminum alloy strength is much better than plastic and it will not crack, while plastic is easy to crack after repeating autoclave.

3. No yellowing.No deformation.

4. L3 is compatible with EMS Minimaster & Piezon 700 scaler.

5. L3 and its spare parts can be autoclaved together or separately.

6. Long use life of LED lamp.

7. LED color temperature: 3000K-3200K, warm white light. Dentist is not easy to feel tired when operation. White light is optional.

Now some Chinese competitors are following us to develop aluminum alloy handpieces or copy ours.