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Pearl series

  • P9 ultrasonic scaler
  • P9 ultrasonic scaler
  • P9 ultrasonic scaler
  • P9 ultrasonic scaler
  • P9 ultrasonic scaler
P9 ultrasonic scalerP9 ultrasonic scalerP9 ultrasonic scalerP9 ultrasonic scalerP9 ultrasonic scaler

P9 ultrasonic scaler

  • Function: Scaling,Perio,Endo
  • Handpiece materials: Aluminum alloy
  • Handpiece: With lighDetachable Autoclavable
  • Handpiece color: Silver or blue
  • Product description: Auto water supply. No consumables. No cracking aluminum alloy handpiece. Wide-mouth bottle.

Baolai P9 auto water supply scaler advantages:

1. More beautiful appearance. Compact size.

2. No consumables in waterway system. It can save much repair cost and charge after sales.

3. Detachable aluminum alloy handpiece compatible with EMS: It is the world's first invention in the field of scaler handpiece, which obtains 15 patents.Better heat dispersion. No cracking.No deformation. No yellowing. More comfortable.

Now some competitors are following us to develop such an aluminum alloy handpiece or copy ours.

4. Built-in power supply with smaller volume is much safer, more convenient than portable one.

5. Identifying scaler tip automatically. It means that you can not use endo function normally at the scaling area and vice versa.

6. Noiseless working pump. Not only the pump can save the consumables but also it is silence.

7. Independent and wide-mouth bottle is easy to be cleaned and added liquid inside. We offer 2pcs bottles,350ml/pc.

8. TW3 aluminum alloy torque wrench. It keeps unique patent certificate. We use magnet on it, and that can help it adsorb scaler tip to avoid dropping off to hurt the dentist or patient because of carelessness. Meanwhile, its special clamping structure can prevent scaler tip from damage even dentist hard screws the tip. It can screw the tips for more than 3000 times.